The importance of pest control during the summer months

You want your company to function well and look its best during the summer. Unfortunately, pests are a frequent issue that can have a range of negative effects on many businesses during the summer. However, businesses may benefit from doing pest control now.

Pest season is actually the summer. Pest activity increases during this time of year, primarily due to the summer’s increasing temperatures, which have an impact on the growth of many common pests including cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, bees, lizards, bedbugs, rats, etc. And one should work with a reputable pest control company to get rid of these unpleasant pests. One of the finest and simplest ways to get rid of pests is to hire a professional pest control company.

Warm Temperatures Favor a Wide Variety of Pests

Due to the warm weather, many pests are more active throughout the summer. Although plants can add aesthetic appeal to your place of business, they can also deliver a variety of pests and insects with the nutrition they require. Pests can make your landscape look old and neglected by feeding on a variety of grasses, foliage, flowers, and more. The health of the plant life in and around your environment can be maintained by performing pest control throughout the summer.

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During the summer, the number of rodents and other pests rises

Many people mistakenly believe that rodents mostly enter buildings in the winter in search of warmth and shelter. But even during the summer, pests like rodents might get inside your building. In the summer, rodents may have access to your building’s insect infestation as a source of food. Since rodents prefer to mate in the warmer months of the year, having them in your building during the summer can be particularly problematic. The mouse population in your building can quickly grow significantly. It’s frequently best to carry out pest control during the summer in order to control the mouse population.

Early upkeep reduces damage

Even though you might believe that performing pest control is not important unless there is a critical issue, waiting until your company has a pest problem can frequently lead to a time-consuming and expensive repair process. You can help avoid an issue from arising in the first place by conducting pest control prior to your company having to fend off bugs. Routine pest treatment can also assist in identifying pest problems that may have gone unnoticed until more significant harm to your property had already been done. The interior and exterior of your company can be protected from pests by using pest control services before a problem arises.

Fun, sunshine, and regrettably tons of pests are all part of summer. The pests also take delight in the summertime, not just you. Everyone dislikes having pests around them, yet the summer is the time of year when pests are most prevalent.

Summertime Mosquito Control

Nobody enjoys getting bitten by a mosquito because, in addition to being annoying, they can spread disease. To prevent mosquito-borne illnesses, it is crucial to take precautions against mosquito bites.

Control of Ticks in summer

One of the frequent summertime pests is the tick, which depends on blood to survive. Although they are frequently mistaken for insects, they are not insects. Since ticks are arachnids, or relatives of spiders, scorpions, and mites, their bites have the potential to be extremely painful and harmful.

Summertime ant control

Ants are a common pest that gathers in huge groups and colonies. We frequently notice ants walking over our countertops or in our gardens, but ants can also bite. Because fire ant bites or stings can be extremely painful, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself against ants.


Due to the warm weather and easy access to a variety of foods, pests are more likely to occur in the summer, which can have a negative effect on your business. However, implementing pest treatment can help to maintain a healthy-looking landscape, lower the number of pests, and shield your space from any damage.

Hire a pest control company to keep the summertime bugs out of your company or home. They are qualified individuals who understand how to keep pests out. Find the top pest control company to keep your company or house free of pests.

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How to keep your home Pest free in Grand Prairie

At any time of the year, whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, pests can pose a serious threat. The best method to guard off any unwelcome guests, whether you want to protect your home against rats, insects, or pests, is to be prepared. You can permanently keep pests out of your home by following a few simple tips.

A Spot Check

Take preventative measures now to keep pests out. Keep an eye out for any potential indications of pests. Conduct routine inspections of your home, concentrating on concern spots. Remember that these pests may accumulate in your garage, basement, laundry room, under large appliances, or even on your lawn. Early detection of an issue makes solving it simpler.

Consistent Maintenance

Your home may suffer as the seasons change and as time goes on. Additionally, this opens up spaces and access for potential pest incursions. Maintaining your home regularly is essential for keeping out pests. Examine your home’s exterior and make any necessary repairs. Cracks should be patched, holes should be fixed, and pest entry points should be covered.

Watch the Water

Pests typically require two things in their ideal home: a water source and a food source. Keep an eye on the water around your home. Inspect any potential spots where water may collect and sit after a hard rain. In order to prevent unwelcome house guests, make sure to undertake routine maintenance on your home. Leaking pipes, gutters, and damp rooms are all attractants.

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Cut out all food sources

One of the most important spaces in your house is the kitchen, and not just for you and your family. Close the buffet because pests are frequently discovered anyplace there is food if you want to keep your home free of pests. Maintain a spotless kitchen and clean up completely after meals. To prevent uninvited guests from showing up all over your property, it’s a good idea to store food in one section of the house. Put all of your food storage—including pet food—in sealed containers to keep it. Garbage should also be kept in a container that can be sealed. If the food source is cut off, bugs will start looking elsewhere.

Keep everything clean

It’s critical that you clear any mess in addition to containing food. Pests prefer untidy, filthy environments. Their preferred hiding spots are basements. Furthermore, despite our best efforts, it’s likely that we missed a few crumbs when cleaning on a daily basis. If at all possible, vacuum every day and deep-clean your house at least once every two to three months. Don’t let trash accumulate so that bugs have a place to hide or grow.

Regular lawn care

A well-kept yard is equally important to a well-maintained home. Numerous insects, including mosquitoes, stink bugs, and others, thrive in overgrown yards. Maintain your yard and lawn regularly. Keep your overgrowth from getting out of control. Many wild animals and rodents are drawn to overgrown areas. Take care of your property if you want to prevent pests.

Shut Off the Lights

Light sources frequently entice insects. Light draws insects, whether it’s a porch lamp or a floodlight. Simply turn off the lights near your home, especially those near any openings like doors and windows, to keep them outside. Consider switching to automatic lights or utilizing different bulbs if you need to keep your lights on for security reasons.

Cover your trash

Your waste is an easy attraction for any outside intruder. Keep your trash in a sealed container to deter any unwelcome guests like pests or rodents. If at all possible, keep the lids closed. Additionally, to deter pests, routinely wipe up your trash cans.

Get routine inspections

Setting up routine inspections with a pest control specialist can help protect your property, whether you’ve already dealt with an infestation or you just want to be extra cautious. Despite the necessity of keeping up with home care, pest issues are still a possibility. Arranging routine inspections is a simple approach to staying in the lead.


Pests can be a problem at any time of year. Contact a pest control specialist to schedule an inspection if you have a pest problem or to protect your house right now.

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5 Reasons to choose premium pest control services for your home

There are several reasons why pest control for your house should be taken into account. To help protect themselves, their families, and their biggest investment, their home, homeowners need pest control as part of their regular home maintenance routine.

Pest management is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including preventing property damage and improving health. Continue reading to find out more about why pest treatment is a crucial component of responsible homeownership.

Top 5 Reasons to choose premium pest control services for your home

Health risks can be posed by insect pests

You can get sick from pests. Rodents and insects seek food in unclean areas where they might spread bacteria and pathogens. Through bites, waste, or contact with people, they can bring infections into your house and potentially spread diseases. Additionally, they may make certain medical conditions worse, such as asthma. Some bugs produce allergens that make it more difficult for persons with respiratory conditions like allergies or asthma to breathe comfortably. Regular pest treatment can assist in the elimination of these pests that are linked to health risks, improving the environment for your family.

You can avoid wasting food

Good home economics includes keeping a well-stocked pantry, but sadly, many common pantry goods are tasty to bugs. Many common pests, such as roaches, ants, and even rats, invade your home in search of a food source. They’re likely to remain if they find food in your living areas. Bugs commonly crawl over trash and other filthy areas. You must discard and replace any infected items if they have been hiding in your pantry. Insects will probably continue to eat your food if the pest management issue is not resolved. You can store your food in tightly sealed plastic or glass containers as an extra layer of protection in addition to regular pest control services to keep away pests like roaches. By putting the grocery items in bug-proof containers, you can avoid spending money on having to replace them.

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Property damage can be avoided

Your home can suffer damage from pests and insects. Your property value may decrease as a result of structural damage brought on by termites, other insects, and other wood-eating organisms. Before they have done major damage, some destructive bugs can be difficult to detect. The trained pest control specialists know what to look for and can assist identify pest issues before the ordinary homeowner does.

You’ll receive specialized pest control along with the best and the Most Powerful Pest Control Products 

Professionals can complete any task successfully because they have the correct tools, training, and products. Applying pest control solutions on your own can be scary. You may be sure you’re getting the most recent products and that they are being used by someone who is knowledgeable about the ideal regions and dosages to use them in when working with a qualified technician from a professional pest control business. Additionally, they can choose goods or other pest control options based on the requirements of your household.

You Experience Mindfulness

It might be daunting to take care of a house. The majority of people consider their home to be their largest investment, and taking care of their home involves a variety of duties, including pest control. You won’t have to worry about insects and the expensive damage they may cause to your home, your most valuable investment if you employ a professional pest control service. In this manner, you can be sure that you are taking all necessary precautions to keep your family and possessions free of pests.

The Need for Pest Control

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a routine pest control service. You can keep your home in good condition and feel at ease. Because it can assist to foster a healthy atmosphere and prevent property damage, pest control is a wise investment. Protection against insects is a worthwhile investment where some pests, like termites, can cost thousands of dollars in structural or aesthetic damage that insurance won’t pay for.

Why Opt for Professional Pest Management?

Is hiring a professional pest control company worthwhile? Because it offers a quick and useful response to an existing infestation or helps in avoiding one from emerging, people choose professional pest management. Customers that need pest control use the service because they believe it is affordable.

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Choosing the Right Pest Control Services For Your Home

Are you dealing with a pest infestation that won’t go away but don’t know who to call? Brady pest control can certainly help you! Pests cause extensive damage to properties while spreading tons of germs that can make you or your family sick.

Brady Pest Control is a well-known reputable pest control company in Grand Prairie, Texas that can help with pest infestations. We offer many varieties of pest control services like general pest control, termite control and rodent control to name a few. We even have premium packages that are even more convenient for our customers. For full details visit our pest control services page.

With so many good or bad options for pest control services in the market, you might need clarification about which to choose.

Check the company’s licenses!

When hiring a pest control company, you must hire a company with proper licensing, which is very important! Brady Pest Control is Licensed and Regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Go through customer reviews!

Every customer has a unique experience with a service provider, which can tell a lot about the company you are about to hire! It would be best if you went through the customer reviews on the company website; this will help you decide whether you would like to hire the company or not. Our company reviews are located on our pest control reviews page. You can also search Brady Pest Control Grand Prairie and find even more reviews on google!

Discuss the safety measures taken by the experts!

A pest control company should discuss the safety measures you might need to take to avoid exposure. The company must follow all safety measures.

Know the qualifications of the company!

Just like every profession, pest control services also require high level training. Please ensure that the company you are hiring has trained certified professionals who know how to do the job right!

Consider the company’s guarantee policy!

Not all companies offer guaranteed follow-up services if the problem persists before the committed time. It is best to choose a company that assures – you don’t have to deal with the issue repeatedly, and that their service warranties will stay effective for the extended periods.

You can rely on Brady Pest Control for all of these! We offer effective professional pest control services that are convenient and tailored to your individual pest control needs.


Early Signs of Termite Activity

Let’s take a moment to observe and talk about the most common ways to notice termites early. 

Stuck windows or doors

If you have started to notice sudden changes on your window and door frames, like difficulty in closing and opening them or finding dirt like substance around- it could possibly be an early sign of termites as termites tend to target moist or decaying wooden areas that are readily available.

Damage under paint or wallpaper

If you are noticing damage under the wallpaper of your walls or paint, then this is one of the earliest signs of termite infestation. Termites tend to create mud tunnels while eating away the wooden paneling underneath the walls. 

Discarded wings and swarmers

One of the most significant signs of an active termite infestation is discarded wings and swarmers near the doors, windows, or plumbing areas. Termites leave their discarded wings around the door frames and windows when they are ready to swarm and harbor a new location.

Mud tubes

Termites create mud tube colonies as they make themselves comfortable in your home. These mud tubes can be easily seen on the grounds connecting to the wooden areas; these mud colonies help termites to protect themselves from the dryness in the air as they build their shelter.

Termite frass

Another sign you should look for is termite droppings, also known as frass that you can quickly notice around the house. These droppings are pellet-shaped and wood-colored that appear as wood dust.

Full Overview

When dealing with pests in your Grand Prairie home, we recommend Brady pest control services in Grand Prairie Texas. We offer termite control in Grand Prairie, TX. Brady Pest Control team is here to help ensure that pests and termites will not return, so you can live in a pest-free home.