September 20, 2022 | Pest Control

Control Wasp and Hornet Activity with Brady Pest Control


Welcome! We want to share our knowledge and best experience practices explaining wasp swarming activity/behavior control in Grand Prairie and Mansfield Texas. Brady Pest Control believes this post, (along with our all-new wasp deterring solution) will be very helpful to our future customers in the community experiencing wasp swarming activity residential or commercial. Please take a few moments to read and understand some very useful information for our clients regarding paper wasps and some of the swarming effects (short-term) caused during mating season.

Spring and Summer Texas seasons bring concern due to flying wasp activity possibly around the taller peaks, chimneys, and eave under sidings of buildings and homes. If you are having a wasp(s)/hornet issue, please read further or call us at 817-714-5875. Brady Pest Control works swiftly to help with any abrupt wasp swarming behavior clients may be recently experiencing.


Paper Wasps Swarming Around Structures


Paper wasps are best known for their open, grey paper nests built under an open porch ceiling, window sill or some type of overhang. In this nesting phase of their life cycle, paper wasps can be defensive and are likely to sting if the nest is disturbed. However, paper wasps show types of swarming behavior during the cool and cold times of the year when there are no nests and no young larvae to protect. During the fall, this behavior is connected with mating and is the wasp version of “boy meets girl.” Male wasps look for the best tall place to “hang out” and attract females. On these warm days during the fall, the future queens become active and fly about. Dozens or hundreds might be seen flying around the upper stories of a building, house peak, tower or other tall structures.


Mating Season

During mating season male wasps locate a good tall perch/peak on which to sit and become somewhat protective of this spot as they release odors (pheromones) to attract that certain special female wasp for mating. At some time after mating, the males die and the females seek their shelter for the winter. Wasp Activity is often associated with tall building structures. It is not completely understood exactly why tall structures are more attractive to the wasps, or why they choose certain houses over others. Houses may be substitutes for tall trees, especially in relatively flat land. It is common for a house that stands taller than others in the neighborhood, to have wasps swarming about while there are none at any of the neighbors’ homes.




Paper wasps are social insects with behavior similar to bumble bees. A new nest is built each season usually by a single female (sometimes more than one) who then becomes the queen for the colony. The colony does not remain active and intact throughout the year, but disbands before winter begins. 



We hope this information helps you understand why wasps could possibly be swarming above your home during mating season! We are working swiftly during the seasonal weather changes to combat wasp mating season. As always, if you need us please contact Brady Pest Control to learn more about what professional services we offer to keep wasp and hornet activity to a minium at your property. Preventive measures of caulking entry points, or screening around window sills, exhaust vents, and gable or attic vents will reduce the number of entrance points for wasps to access your structure and try to come indoors. Call today 817-714-5875