September 26, 2022 | Pest Control

Should you go for cleaning before or after you hire exterminators to eliminate pests from your home?

This blog will teach you why you should clean the house before hiring a pest control service!  

  • Giving a clean slate to get started! 

When you have deep cleaned your house, it gives the pest control experts a clean slate to perform their activities without having something in the way. It can also help you to clean the insect nests and much more so that the exterminators can effectively carry out the procedures. 

  • Cleaning out the hiding places! 

One of the places where you can find the most insects is your bathroom, which is the perfect place for the pest to hide out. You can find all types of insects like cockroaches, spiders, and flies in your bathroom, so it is essential that you thoroughly clean your bathroom before the pest control service arrives so that it can effectively remove the pest from the area. By deep cleaning, your exterminators can easily find and target areas where there is an infestation. 

  • Removing the breeding grounds!

When you are cleaning your house, you also end up decluttering space which helps you to dispose of unwanted items like old boxes, toys, shoes, etc. These objects can become the breeding grounds of the pest very quickly, and by cleaning them out, you can eliminate these unwanted pests and have a better chance of cleaning your home and preventing the pests from returning. 

  • Reorganizing the furniture! 

If you are deep cleaning your house, one of the initial steps you take is reorganizing your furniture and cleaning out the crawl spaces that don’t get cleaned for more extended periods and end up becoming the home for unwanted guests. By rearranging furniture and cleaning these spaces, you can better have an effective pest control service that will keep your house pest-free.  

  • Keeping products intact!

If you hire a pest control service before the cleaning process, the products that are used to keep the pest away from your home will get removed in the cleaning process, which doesn’t make sense. Therefore, cleaning your house before pest control service arrives is a better option.