Stinging Pests

    • Wasps
    • Hornets
    • Yellow Jackets
    • Cicada Killers
    • Carpenter Bees
    • Bumble Bees

Stinging Pest Removal

Stinging pests can be a significant danger when they set up nests or hives close to your home or business. If you regularly see or hear these pests at your location, chances are they are too close for safe comfort. Brady Pest Control is the right choice for safeguarding your property and the people on it from a potentially harmful pest infestation.

A Job for Professionals

In addition to potentially fatal stings, stinging pests often nest in inconvenient locations and can cause significant harm to someone inexperienced. The entire hive is susceptible to fiercely attack when the nest is threatened. We do not recommend any unqualified individuals attempt to remove a wasp or hornet’s nest up to 50 ft high on your own.

Our licensed and trained pest management professionals know exactly where to look to identify a stinging pest colony that has invaded your home or commercial location and provide you with methods for their removal