Gnats Mosquitoes and Fruit Flies


Gnats and Mosquitoes

Gnats and Mosquitoes are characterized by making us swing at them and throw up our hands in exasperation when indoors or outdoors. They are distinguished by a small body and long legs. Both gnats and mosquitoes are drawn to excessive standing moisture, and decaying organic matter. Moisture anywhere around can draw them indoors and once inside they can leverage on conditions to infest and  causing nuisance and damages around a home. If your home is infested with gnats and mosquitoes call Brady Pest Control at 817-714-5875 for your gnat and mosquito pest solutions.

Do Gnats or Mosquitoes Bite?

Yes, certain species of gnats and mosquitoes bite humans. The bite usually causes allergic reactions such as a red bump on your skin that is irritating and itchy.

Are Gnat Bites Dangerous?

While gnat bites can cause discomfort, they are not usually lethal. Gnats can pass bacteria they got from other things they landed on, causing illness when passing onto you.

Are Mosquito Bites Dangerous?

Mosquito bites can cause extreme discomfort and transmit some very serious diseases including: Zika virus, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, dengue, and malaria. Protect your home and property from mosquitoes with Brady Pest Control monthly mosquito misting today. Give us a call at 817-714-5875.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are two-winged flying insects of either family Drosophilidae or Trypetidae. Adult fruit flies are 1/8 inch long and have banded or brown spotted wings. They have distinctive red eyes and have enormous reproductive potential. They can lay up to 500 eggs and the growth cycle into adulthood can be completed in about a week. Fruit flies are normally seen around rotting or fermenting fruits. They are also attracted to ripe fruits and vegetables. Your house can be infested with this insect if there are garbage cans or if their remainders of ripe or decomposing fruits and vegetables around.

Do Fruit Flies Bite?

Fruit flies do not bite. They do not feed on blood, as they prefer fermenting fruit and food particles on moist surfaces.

How to Identify Gnats & Fruit Flies in Your Home

Fruit flies and gnats despite their small body size are easy to spot. These pest problems feed on ripe or decaying fruits and vegetables leaving holes in the vegetable skin to lay eggs. They leave bacteria on the food surface causing rotting of the tissues surrounding the fruit. Maggots may be spotted when this happens.

How do I Control Fruit Fly Infestation?

Elimination and control of a gnat and fruit fly infestations on your property can be very challenging. The most effective and complete control of gnat and fruit fly advice to completely get rid of them is, you should employ the services of a professional exterminator.
Brady Pest Control is a pest control exterminator company with many years of experience in keeping houses and properties free of pests. We offer residential and commercial residence pest control services. We have adequate knowledge and tools to keep pests from infesting your property. You can contact us today at 817-714-5875 to help control your gnat mosquito and fruit fly pest problems. We are excited to render your home and business pest free.