Cockroaches are nocturnal and very adept at hiding. Since they do all of their feeding at night, if you happen to spot one scurrying around in mid-day, chances are you should call your pest professional for assistance.

The presence of cockroaches in a home or business can threaten individuals well being and cause serious health problems. Cockroach infestations can severely damage, or even destroy a business reputation within a range of industries. For this reason, cockroach treatments are best carried out by a Brady Pest Control professional to ensure success.

Brady pest control uses a combination of baits and liquid concentrates within a customized pest control plan that will successfully rid your property of cockroach infestations. Home and business owners can rest assured that we use the safest procedures to consistently ensure safety.

Harmful Bacteria

Cockroaches are notorious for spreading bacteria and disease and have been linked to 33 different kinds of bacteria. Allergy and asthma individuals are particularly vulnerable if exposed. It is important to identify and eliminate an infestation as soon as possible.

Facts about Cockroaches

  • Cockroaches can survive up to a month without food, and up to 2 weeks without water and still reproduce rapidly.
  • A female cockroach can mate only once and yet remain pregnant for her entire lifespan.
  • Cockroaches can run at a speed of 3 miles an hour.
  • A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head.