Grand Prairie TX

The Finest Pest Control Exterminator in Grand Prairie, TX

Brady Pest Control is the number one pest exterminator, providing the finest pest control services, in Grand Prairie, TX and cities surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. We have been in business for decades, which is why we can guarantee to solve all commercial and residential pest problems with ease.

We have a wide coverage of all pest control services that you may need. Name the pest and we will get rid of it for you. For general pest control services, we offer different frequencies including one-time treatment, quarterly treatment, which is the most commonly availed by clients, bi-monthly, and monthly services, which is ideal for business establishments. For general services, the initial process usually takes up to about 1 hr 30 mins to 2 hrs. It is best to do the treatment when the weather is clear and when the temperature is above 70 degrees. Our process includes checking every nook and cranny of your home including hotspots like the attic, weep holes, foundation cracks, eave undersidings, and your garage. Our general pest control service also comes with a 1 month warranty. If your pest problems persist, we are more than willing to come back and take care of it. Our company only uses top of the line products such as chemicals and cages. The chemicals that we use don’t have harmful effects for occupants as well as to the environment. We at Brady Pest Control Services understands how difficult it is to live with pests which is why we never cut corners and make sure that everything is perfect.

Break free from the hardships of living with pesky pests! Pest problems like termite and rodent infestations, no matter how small, can pose a serious threat to a home and its occupants. Call (817) 714-5875 today to get in touch with professional pest exterminators in Grand Prairie, TX.