Carpenter Ants Servicing Tarrant - Dallas County

Carpenter Ant Activity

Ants are easy to recognize but can be difficult to eliminate once the colony has invaded and established at a location. Attracted to any form of food, ants invade and contaminate food supplies quickly. Similar to Termites, ants also form colonies lead by a queen and her workers. They establish themselves quickly if not treated and form large mounds alongside openings and crevices of a property.

Identifying Ant Infestations

Brady Pest Control expert technicians are trained to quickly identify any ant species bugging individuals or overall structural integrity of a property, with a customized pest control plan for professional extermination.

ant infestations

Pharaoh Ants

Light brown or red in color, the Pharaoh ant is very small in size and often difficult to detect. Nests are usually found in inaccessible areas that are prone to high levels of moisture. Pharaoh ants are capable of spreading bacteria to food supplies and require experienced pest control methods from professionals.

Carpenter Ants

Avoiding the food supply and preferring wood instead, Carpenter ants look for moist areas and chew away at wood and other structural components. Small piles of sawdust almost always indicates the presence of carpenter ants. Carpenter ants systematically chew their way through the wood of a home or business potentially causing significant damage.

Fire Ants

Fire ant stings are frequently found to be the cause behind various individual health concerns ranging from: allergic skin reactions to continuous headaches and abdominal cramps. Consider seeking medical attention if you are expierencing any allergic reactions from a fire ant sting.

Ant Facts and Tips

  • Keep foods tightly sealed and wrapped
  • Clean up any crumbs or spills promptly
  • Keep pet food dishes out only at mealtime
  • When the queen dies a colony does not normally survive. Worker ants cannot reproduce
  • A colony will pick up and move quickly if they are severely threatened