Cedar Hill TX

Top-Notch Pest Inspection and Control Services in Cedar Hill, TX

Having a pest problem is never easy or simple. Some pests are difficult to detect and many homeowners only discover them after they’ve already caused serious damage to the property or the health of the occupants. Brady Pest Control recognizes this problem and is offering comprehensive pest inspection and pest control services in Cedar Hill, TX. Our services include general pest control, premium pest control, and solutions to the more common types of pest problems: termite and rodent.

TERMITE – we have the most effective treatment methods that can exterminate and prevent termite infestations. Doors or windows that suddenly become harder to open can be a sign of termites. You can try knocking on areas that you suspect of being infested and if it sounds hollow, then you may have just confirmed your suspicion. Termites are also loud chewers so you can actually hear them if you try and listen closely.

RODENTS – rodents can cause serious health concerns, especially when they find their way into your food supply without you knowing. The most obvious sign of an infestation is the collection of dark black droppings which can lead to unpleasant odors. Gnawed edges and bite or scratch marks on your roof or other objects inside the house is also evidence of a rodent problem. You should also be keen on the signs of rodent nesting which is common in dark and narrow places such as the attic, underneath your flooring and in between walls or the dishwasher area.

If you are familiar with these signs and think you just might have a pest problem, contact us as soon as possible. Pest problems are only getting worse so it is best to get pest inspection and pest control services during the earliest signs of infestation in your Cedar Hill, TX property. Call us at (817) 714-5875 to get the most effective solutions.