Brady Pest Control Solutions in Bedford Texas Brady Pest Control Services in Bedford Texas

One of the challenges that many homeowners in Bedford, Texas, battle with is seeing bugs on their properties. Such is the case as pests, naturally, are forever on the hunt for food and shelter. How do insects get in? They find their way into homes through doors, windows, and much other entry points sizeable enough to fit them. Therefore, when you see a pest in your home, do not worry but look for a remedy to exterminate them.

Some pest infestations may be difficult to control requiring the services of a pest control company in Bedford TX. For the most part, it is better that you hire a pest control service provider than exterminating the pests yourself. This gives you an edge to safely and effectively, remove the pests from your property.

If you are looking for a pest control company in Bedford, Texas, you should check us out. At Brady Pest Control Solutions, we pride ourselves in delivering one of the outstanding pest control services in Bedford, Texas, and beyond. We are among the pacesetters in the industry.

Why Choose Us?


Brady Pest Control is a leading and certified provider of pest control services to homeowners in Bedford, Texas, and beyond Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Being certified implies that we are licensed to provide pest control services as we have all it takes to take on this venture.


In the pest control business, experience matters a great deal. We have been operating for over past 25 years now (2nd Generation). Brady Pest Control team of highly trained exterminators have racked up huge experience to deliver outstanding pest control services to our clients.

Environment Friendly

During our service delivery, your environment will not be compromised because our pest control products that we use are environmentally friendly.

Skilled Exterminators

One of the reasons why we deliver high-quality pest control services is because we have a highly trained and knowledgeable team of exterminators. They are well trained and licensed in the effective methods of pest control. You can have faith in our services and approach, as our technicians and services are extremely reliable.

Our Approach Method

At Brady Pest Control, we employ an integrated pest management strategy to minimize pest activity on your property.

  • The first method is that our team of technicians will inspect your property to detect pest activity and their point of entry.
  • A customized plan is built to deal with the problem and prevent a future infestation from occurring.
  • Subsequent inspection of the premises will be carried out periodically to keep the pests from coming back.

Our Services

Among the customized treatment plan of our pest control services includes the removal of pests such as rats, mice,  fleas, spiders, ticks, wasps, bees, moths, crickets, beetles, carpenter ants, flies, termites, cockroaches, and many others.

Contact Us Today

it is time to give us a call if you are observing any termite activity, carpenter ants, rodent activity, crawling insects, wasp activity, mosquito activity, near lakes, woods, or water in your home or commercial venue to provide you with residential treatments, exterior treatments in Bedford, Texas.